Why bitumen needs to be heated

    Important facts about Bitumen Bitumen, commonly referred to as tar or asphalt, is a blend of organic liquids which are black, sticky and very viscous. There are two main types of bitumen; crude or naturally occurring and refined bitumen. Naturally occurring bitumen is a tar-like type of petroleum which is sticky. It is also thick […]

    Electric Process Heaters within Industries

    A process heater is any equipment with the express purpose of heating chemical process streams. Any process where electrical energy transforms into usable heat qualifies as electric heating. As the name indicates, an electric process heater (EPH) is an electric heater that is in direct contact with a process. For example, a static process where an […]

    Fuel Oil and Gas Industry Documentation

    Fuel oil has many applications, from energy generation to fuel transporting vehicles. Fuel oil is generally the major interested product from the petroleum refining.  Different products are extracted from crude oil by fractional distillation under various temperatures according to the hydrocarbons boiling point. The produced hydrocarbons from the distillation include: gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil […]

    What Are Circulation Heaters?

    Circulation heaters are generally used for pressurized processing fluids. This type of immersion heater is widely used in application of various industries, such as oil storage, commercial food equipment or cooling towers. Circulator heater’s performance and efficiency are comparable to industrial heat exchangers since they follow an equivalent heat exchanging mechanism. Examples of processing fluids […]

    What Are Calrod Heaters?

    Calrod tubular heaters are electric tubular heaters used to produce radiant heat in an application. Calrod heating elements are found in incoloy, stainless steel, steel alloys and are used in many applications such as kitchen appliances, flange heaters, screw plug heaters and over the side heaters. Watt density for Calrod heaters vary as they can […]

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