Immersion Heaters

    Electric immersion heaters can be used for many industrial applications at various scale size. An immersion heater is a quick way to increase the target liquid or gas temperature. They are also efficient to use in the petrochemical industry. The applications of an immersion heater range from the extracted crude oil storage to the intermediate […]

    Waste Oil Heaters

    Waste Oil Heaters Waste oil is initially believed as an excessive synthetic product that should be disposed. Waste oil is obtained from various sources, for example, from automobiles engines, industrial lubricating oils [1], vegetables waste, etc. However, by removing the oil by-product from a production process will not only cost a heavy disposal expense but […]

    Military Heaters – November 18, 2011

    Military heaters – Potable water supply is an importance resource for military naval ships because of its many important applications. The potable water supply from naval ships is generally used for drinking, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, hygiene and medical purposes [1]. Large volume of water must be available at all time for long period operation. The […]

    The Dynamic Uses of Electric Tank Heaters

    The Dynamic Uses of Electric Tank Heaters The many benefits of electrical heating make electric tank heaters an appealing tool in the industry, as well as in private use. Electrical tank heaters offer more precise control of liquid temperature. As well as a high concentration of power, faster response and a quiet, clean process emitting […]

    Hot Water Heater Elements

    Hot Water Heater Elements Hot water is a high demanding resource for residential, commercial and industrial use. There are many techniques to heat water quickly, most notably by natural gas, oil and electric heaters (see source 1). Gas and oil sources are tend to be more expensive than electricity because of the higher operating and […]

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