Chemical/Process Industry Documentation

    In chemical and processing industry, without proper heating controls, there could be problems such as poor production yield, inefficient energy use, slow down process, and nevertheless safety concerns. Most of the modern chemical processes are in large-scale production and when there are events of equipment failure during the operation, it would be difficult to recover […]

    The Use of Immersion Heaters in the Nuclear Power Industry

    The nuclear power industry serves to provide heat and electricity to consumers by harnessing the heat energy generated by nuclear fission within a controlled environment. Nuclear fission is the breakup of the nucleus of an atom into smaller parts. Within the confines of a nuclear reactor, this controlled nuclear fission reaction produces a great amount […]

    Air Duct Heaters

    It’s common to install air ducts on the roof of industrial and commercial areas and buildings. Those primary uses for air ducts are the following: central air heating, ventilation and air conditioning. For a large building or structure, supplement heating is necessary to deliver the air at appropriate quality and temperature. Duct heaters are ideal to […]

    Flange Heaters

    Electric heating can involve any process which converts electrical energy into heat1. A perfect example is an electric flange heater. It has various applications that include, water and oil heating, space heating, cooking and is popular in industrial processes2. An electric heater works on the principle of Joule heating3. This is a process where an electric current passes through a conductor […]

    Load Banks

    Wind energy industry has becoming a large contributor of the renewable energy production because of its high energy efficiency and reliability along with its revenue growth for the U.S. Government and Government of Canada. In a wind farm, various turbine testing must be done prior and after the windmill construction in order to ensure perfect functionality […]

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