Inline Heaters and Its Applications: An Introduction to Electric Duct Heaters

    Circulation heaters, also known as inline heaters, are considered as the best for treating different types of chemical fluids including harmful liquids. Extreme precaution is necessary while heating these liquid chemicals because even a minor glitch can result in a drastic outcome. Hence, the flow rate is constant while providing transitional heating. Heat is generated […]

    Radiant Heating with Infrared Heaters: Types and Applications

    An Introduction to Infrared Heaters Infrared heaters are commonly used in large indoor and outdoor areas that transfer heat energy through electromagnetic radiation. Shopping malls, gymnasium, storage chambers are a few examples where these devices are installed to keep the internal temperature stabilized. The other applications include food stalls and restaurants to keep edible items […]

    All About Tubular Heaters

    In process heating, tubular heaters fall in the category of electric heaters usually having high surface temperatures within a preheated segment of a machine. They use infrared radiation along with air flow for transferring heat to a liquid or gaseous medium. Not just this, but these are also used in a variety of applications; one […]

    An Introduction to Industrial Heaters and Its Applications

    Industrial or process immersion heater is a device used in industries for the manufacture and preservation of different chemicals, gases and viscous fluids like oil. With time, the advancement in technology has paved the way for many significant developments in the industrial sector as well. Today, electricity often powers this appliance. Electricity is comparably cheaper […]

    What Are Heater Control Panels

    Heater control panel maintains the overall performance of the industrial immersion heaters. It is actually a control box attached to the device or a closed room that houses the entire mechanism and maintains stability and performance of the heater. Besides this, the tool ensures that the heat distributes evenly to the content within the tank […]

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