A Comprehensive Look at the Water Heater Element

Last updated on March 13th, 2024 at 03:35 am

A water heater element is a specific tool or a part within the cylindrical unit of the heater that provides warmth to the water inside a tank or container. It is actually a metallic rod either straight or in spiral shape that is directly immersed to the liquid. Electricity is used as a source to activate the device that heats it up and apparently raises the temperature of the water as well. Depending on the size of the flanged water heater, a controlling mechanism is provided with which you can manage the temperature of the device.

What Are They Made Of

Mostly, two materials are used in the manufacturing of heating elements; metal or ceramic. The ceramic made heating material is more efficient as compared to metal because of being sturdier and less corrosive. This single aspect makes ceramic water heating element more widespread and famous in areas with hard water.  

Operating Mechanism

The heater element is usually connected with a thermostat controller inside the device. If the temperature drops below the prescribed setting, electric current is automatically pass on to the rod and this heats it up. During the entire process, it is suggested not to expose any of your body part directly to the water or the heating unit as it can cause fatal injury.

Replacement of the Tool

In case of repair or reinstallation of the water-heating element to the contraption, you should have some knowledge of the basic electric functions, although calling up a technician is preferred. Nevertheless, the replacement process is not very difficult. Check out the below mentioned four steps that can help you to carry out the task in a right way.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to disconnect the heater from its electric power outlet.
  2. Ensure that the device is all dried up before you start working on the replacement.
  3. Remove the heating element for replacement and repairs.
  4. Once fixed, have it reinstalled to the heater and connect it to electric power supply.

Some Heater Elements Available Today

With time, many modifications have taken place in technology that resulted in the evolution of different heater types. There exist today many heaters that are utilized in industries as well as for household purposes. Most common types are electric, gas, solar and industrial immersion heaters; however, a heating element is only required for electric water heater.

Beneficial For Homes

Water heaters are smaller and are mostly used for household purposes. It is easier to install them and you do not even need to have a separate room for placing the device. In case the water temperature alters frequently, that is if it is too hot or cold, this means that there is some malfunction in the unit and it needs to be replaced. In cold areas, water heaters are considered as an ideal tool as they aid in many different processes like bath, washing dishes, clothes and so on. The

Modified Water Heater Element

The latest units are equipped with a heater timer to save energy. It works in a way, that once you adjust the time to heat up the water, it either will remind you via the alarm system or would automatically turn ON the device.   For more details, please visit https://www.wattco.com/electric-heating-elements/


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