Water Heating Element

A red and silver water heaterA water heating element is a precise application requiring immersion heaters to heat liquids to specific temperatures in a certain period of time. Wattco screw plug heaters are a popular choice for water heating as they are a perfect product to heat smaller containers (for example up to 500 gallon tanks) to high temperature ranges within a short period of time. 

Many applications involving smaller tanks use heaters with power ranges of 5KW, 10 KW and up to 20 KW to heat up their liquids.  For larger tanks (ie. 500 Gallon to 500,000 Gallon), flange heaters are an excellent choice for their corrosion resistance properties as well as their durability in harsh outdoor environments. These elements have larger power capabilities (50 KW, 100KW up to over 500KW for larger applications.


Maximizing the efficiency of water heating elements

Water heaters use either mechanical thermostats or digital controllers that utilize thermocouples to get accurate temperatures. Mechanical thermostats are economically feasible for smaller applications and have a maximum amperage rating of 25 Amps for single phase (15 Amps for 3 phase). RTDs are used for applications in colder conditions where thermocouples cannot relay temperatures accurately. It is always recommended to verify your amperage availability (ie. 15 Amps, 30 Amps) before selecting an electric immersion heater.


A more sophisticated product is the circulation heater (or inline heater) that uses either a screw plug heater or a flange heater that circulates water in a circuit and reheats it continuously. This efficient process does not require as much energy as a well insulated circuit would require less energy to heat up the liquid during the second or third pass around. Many lubricant oils or oil heaters, use this form of heating to effectively reach the temperature they are looking for.

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