A Complete Insight on Circulation Heater

Circulation heater is a type of industrial immersion heater that is used to provide heat to different fluids, gasses and chemicals. They are also known as “in-line heaters” and are used in a variety of industrial processes.

Design and Specifications

These are easy to install circulation tank heaters and are designed in a way to get fixed within vessels and tanks without any hassle. The insulated heating system distributes heat evenly to the entire content without letting it escape. Different designs include screw plug and flanged type having two threaded nozzles. These are used for gas, fluid in, and outflow.

The length and sheath material also varies which mostly depends on the customer demand. Mostly steel, stainless steel and titanium is used during manufacturing, as these alloys are robust and can withstand heat to a greater extent. Watt density and control mechanism also differs with each design, type and use.

An inlet pipe is provided to the contraption that enables heat supply while it is released from another end. This entire process is carried out within a circulation pipe circuit.

Key Factors

Before selecting a circulation heater, it is suggested that you take into account the following aspects that will ensure you do your purchase, the right way.

  • The first thing you should check is the operating temperature that differs with each design, type and application. It affects the entire heating process so it is important that you test it prior to installation.
  • As there are different types, sizes and designs, watt density for each also varies. Therefore, you should consider where the heater is to be applied first, so as to choose an appropriate unit with the right watt and power supply.
  • The most vital aspect is the sheath material, which affects the overall performance of the heater. It can either be corrosive or non-corrosive depending on the heater type. Modifications can also be made on buyer’s demand.



Benefits of Circulation Heaters

The 21st century has brought forward many advancements and modifications in many existing electronic and technical gadgets. Circulation tank heaters are not left untouched of the change and are now being made to be safer and user friendly. Check out below for all the benefits.

  • Compact design made them an easy to install device.
  • Cleaning up the heater is also very easy and it is recommended that you do so as per instructed.
  • The new in-line heaters are now energy efficient giving you 100% result with the least use of electricity.
  •  Quick transfer of heat allows less waste, proper distribution and overall long duration of the device as well.
  • They are also available in different designs with top mounting options. You can even get them fixed from the top of the container.
  • Robust technology and strong material gives you the advantage to use the heaters in an extreme environment; Moreover, they are also made blast proof.
  • All the units are first examined and are required to pass the verification in order to be available for selling. Proper industrial codes and regulations are applied in the light of testing phase.

For more details, please visit: https://www.wattco.com/product_category/circulation-heaters/

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