Commercial Heaters in Action

Industrial water heaters can often fail as a result of aging equipment and faulty temperature controllers. Wattco was contacted by a heater distributor in Houston Texas to help replace an aging 100 gal water tank that could not maintain 140 degree F temperature. The current setup had a float switch and a faulty 1957 temperature switch that was obsolete. Rusty parts were evident and needed immediate attention.

Wattco recommended a 14 KW inline heater that would circulate the domestic water throughout the system with a flow meter that would also be used to regulate the circulation to 117 GPM. The inline heater’s internal thermostat was used with separate contactors and relays to help regulate the temperature.

We also recommended high level insulation to prevent heat loss around the vessel and a drain valve to bleed the pressure at certain periodic intervals. A schedule was put together by our sales team to help provide the maintenance required. 6 months later, we called the servicing company and found the industrial heater worked exactly as planned with no additional problems. We also found out that the efficient use of electricity also lowered their heating bills.

An all in one solution that provides the heat necessary and saves money in heating bills.
A well regulated temperature controller that is easily used and comes with no maintenance needed.
Upgraded the old antiquated system to a newer, cost efficient heating system that will be enjoyed for years.
Get a quote on an inline heater today. Find out more information about our other products such as immersion heaters and infrared heaters by visiting WATTCO’s product pages.

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