Heaters for Environmental Waste


A client from Montana had a large oversized aquifer that required a special decontamination process after receiving a job at a hazardous waste site. The specific flow rate of water was up to 150 gallons per minute and needed to be heated from 20 degrees up to 110 degrees C. It was September and this project needed to be done as soon as possible given the colder approaching months ahead. Due to budgetary reasons, an efficient cost effective solution was needed.

This particular application required a large 18 inch CSA certified 150 ANSI lbs flanged circulation heater that had the ability to increase temperature rapidly. At, 22 feet long, the circulation heater was able to produces 2.25 megawatts of power. The inline heaterwas well insulated with a high R factor to maintain thermal insulation. The heater used two thermocouples: one to regulate the operating temperature while the other was for high limit safety control. A skid-mounted frame was fabricated for easy mounting as well as to relocate the unit in a safe area.  NEMA 4/7 terminal boxes that are used for hazardous locations were used for its useful moisture resistant and explosion proof features. Another feature that was added was teflon coated 0.430 inch dia tubular elements to add additional protection against the corrosive liquids it may come into contact with. Tubular wall thickness was 0.475 inch diameter – larger than the traditional 0.430 inch dia. to reduce the watt density to a more acceptable level. This also helps prolong the life of the industrial heater. Wattco gave the client a 5-year warranty on the process heater to ensure peace of mind.

To monitor temperature level, a thermocouple type J was inserted at the outlet of the industrial heating solution to take the resulting temperature of the water. The other thermocouple was placed within the bundle of the heater to protect the elements from over heating.

The Control Panelused SCR controls as well as digital displays within a NEMA 4 moisture proof terminal box. WATTCO was able to satisfy the needs of the customer by manufacturing an efficient heater element quickly so they can get back to what’s important- focusing on their business and getting the job done.


  • A safe ecologically friendly solution that uses a clean energy to decontaminate liquids.
  • Easy maintenance, and easily controllable
  • Safety mechanisms in place to ensure continuous heat
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