Immersion Heaters for the Mining Industry


The Situation: The mining industry uses a variety of corrosive chemicals in the extraction process of minerals such as gold, silver, platinum and other valuable raw materials. In the extraction of gold, for example, chemicals that are used in the process (ie. , sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide),  require to be constantly heated at certain temperatures in large containers (up to 50,000 gallons). These temperatures also require precise controls in order to maintain their consistency and effectiveness.
The Solution The mining industry has used Wattco immersion heaters to help them solve this problem. With the help of highly resistant alloys used with our tubular elements, seamless tubing as well as a well calculated watt density, Wattco was able to provide replaceable heating elements that would heat up the chemical solutions to efficient levels using digital SCR controllers to help maintain the required temperatures. A redundancy system was also engineered to allow for emergency situations and help protect the valuable product and avoid any downtime in the process. Skid mounted systems were also used in sister facilities that assisted in transport and modularized the heating system in anticipation of additional heating and power requirements.
  • Even dangerous and corrosive liquids can use electric heating to assist in the extraction of valuable commodities without the use of flammable heating source such as gas.
  • Safety and virtually maintenance free electric heating can be used in large tanks without the need of access holes from the side of the tank.
  • Precise controls can be used to maintain sensitive temperatures in dangerous areas.

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