Natural Gas Preheaters

A Fortune 500 power plant in Dallas, Texas requested assistance in the preheating of their natural gas that is used in their natural gas turbines. The purpose of this was to help improve energy efficiency from the use of natural gas in these turbines. The challenge was to develop a unique industrial heating system with safety controls that were able to function within a hazardous area – one that was categorized as a Class 1 Div 1 Group C, D area. Pressure requirements were stringent – 2000 psi that required precise digital controls capable of maintaining steady increased temperatures (70 degree increments) and a fail safe backup. This was required in 4 separate facilities.
Wattco offered our skid mounted triple decker circulation heaters with 14 inch 900# stainless steel 316 flanges with pressure ratings of up to 2000 psi. The skid allowed for future modular changes along with NEMA 7 explosion proof controls mounted to facilitate easy access and temperature changes. Inlet and outlets contained 6 inch 900# ANSI flanges that allowed easy hookup with existing piping and thermocouples at each exit port to monitor temperature increases. An SCR was used instead of contactors. Considering the area was classified as Class 1 Div 1, a NEMA 7 explosion proof terminal box was integrated for safety purposes. Wattco also offered a team of installers to help calibrate the temperature controllers as well as the installation of the units.

·         Accurate and precise temperature controls in a dangerous environment
·         Safety measures to help protect maintenance workers
·         Installation crew were offered to startup the project
·         Skids were designed for easy relocation of heaters should the need arise.
·         Turnkey solution for immediate operation

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