Taking Advantage of Newly Designed WATTCO Heaters for Natural Gas Drillers

A new use of WATTCO’s flanged immersion heater is helping natural gas drillers maintain the operation in cold, wintery conditions. Hydraulic fracking is a mining technology that helps produce large amounts of natural gas by creating fractures in the rock several thousand feet under the earth’s surface. In this technology, natural gas drillers inject millions of gallons of water mixed with chemicals and sand under pressure through a well. (See Figure 1.) Once the fracking process is complete, the water is pumped back to the surface. A series of operations is carried out to clean the water from impurities.
WATTCO develops large tank immersion heaters that have replaceable elements. These are used to perform the agitation process for reclaimed water. The word “large” implies that these heaters are equipped with extended heating elements, as long as fifty inches. The heater uses stainless steel construction and has high heating efficiency. The main advantage for oil drillers is that they can change heating elements without draining the tank. This is necessary for continuous operation. Large heaters provide low wattage heat density that is distributed over a large area. It uses a standard moisture resistant terminal and is equipped with a precise temperature controller. The heating elements are welded into an ANSI-rated flange. The heating element should be mounted in a horizontal position. Sufficient room must be provided for easy removal of heating elements. The mating flange must be of a sufficient length to provide adequate insulation for the tank. 
Wattco Immersion Heaters
Figure 1.

Salient Features of WATTCO Immersion Heaters with Replaceable Elements

WATTCOhas developed an over the side immersion heater that has replaceable elements. 
This allows users to replace elements of the heater without draining the tank.
WATTCO immersion heaters with replaceable elements are easy to install and maintain. 
They are also environmentally friendly. All parts are standardized
Benefits to Natural Gas Drillers
·         Natural gas drillers, for example, can remove and replace the heating element easily without any specialized assistance.
Also, there is no need to drain the tank. Operations can continue during the replacement process.
·        The ANSI-style flange allows natural gas drillers to install the heaters quickly and easily
·        A single person can change the replaceable part when needed. No training is required.
·      Since the heater uses standardized parts, any maintenance work and repair is straightforward and needs minimal time.
·         The natural gas drillers can reduce cost for parts that need to be stocked for repair and maintenance. This is because the heater core is standardized.
Also, the troubleshooting time, as well as service time, is significantly reduced.
·         Using this technology, natural gas drillers are able to minimize cost and downtime.
·      WATTCO tank heaters are environmental friendly. There are no dangerous by products. WATTCO tank heaters comply with stringent environmental regulations.
Natural gas drillers are able to benefit from this technology to purify the reclaimed water after the fracking process, in particular during cold weather conditions.

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