The Use of Circulation Heaters in Oil Flushing

Industrial Heater QuoteIndustrial circulation heaters, also known as immersion heaters, have become quite popular in the oil industry over the last few years. They aid in the heating of many liquid materials, such as chemical solutions, oils and water. But what, exactly, are immersion heaters? How do they work and what are they used for? They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They also come in different types of metals, depending on the specific job they are designed to perform.
So What Are Immersion Heaters?
Industrial circulation heaters are used to help with industrial heating, manufacturing and processing of different types of products. They are large, thick tubes made out of heat-conducting metals that are lowered into a liquid. Once they are properly in place, the metal grows extremely hot, which in turn heats the oil, chemical, or water that surrounds the immersion device. There are different types of immersion or industrial circulation heaters available. Over-the-side heaters are exactly that: these are lowered into the tank from the side or the top with no mounting or welding necessary. They take up little space and are easy to move around and store. The flanged heater takes some mounting, and is made up of hairpin-bent elements that are welded inside a flange. The last type of industrial circulation heater is called the screw plug. These plugs are inserted into a hole and welded into place. Each works relatively similarly, but their placement inside the tank or equipment differs from piece to piece.
Oil Flushing
In oil refineries around the world, it is essential that the equipment stays clean and clear of debris at all times to ensure both safety and efficiency. As the machines are used throughout the day, a micro-layer of film builds up on the sides of the pipes and equipment. Tiny pieces of debris such as rust, loose scale, oil, water, dirt, sand and a number of other particles can get lodged in the machinery and equipment, causing malfunction and significant wear and tear. Oil flushing is the process by which these particles are removed. There are different stages to this cleaning process and a variety of different methods that can be used, depending on the system.
How Do They Work?
Circulation heaters use flanged immersion heaters that come into contact with the tanks and quite literally immerse themselves into the liquid or gas. These devices are contact heaters. This means that they efficiently heat the oil, water, or chemical solution by direct contact with the metal sheath. This process is very efficient in terms of energy use saving time, money, and resources.
Industrial circulation heaters are becoming more and more popular, being used more frequently as companies upgrade and renew their equipment. Making sure machinery stays as clean as possible for as long as possible with the help of immersion heaters and oil flushing ensures that equipment is not only well-cared for and long-lived, but that it will continue to start up and operate as it was designed to.

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