Custom Inline Heater Solutions

inline circulation heaterDesigned for efficiency and reliability, inline heaters (also known as circulation heaters) are staples in common heating applications, like water and steam processing. They provide instant, even heating optimized for productive and cost-effective processes. This is achieved by heating fluids inline as they pass through the heater elements.

Wattco manufactures electric inline heaters to maximize performance. Electricity is a faster, cleaner, and more affordable energy source than traditional fossil fuel heaters. With zero combustion, electric circulation heaters also have longer lifespans, require fewer repairs, and produce virtually no emissions. 

Electric heaters stand alone where efficient and profitable heating processes are a priority.

While electricity is ideal for any inline heating solution, each individual project has unique needs. Every specific environment, industry, process, and budget affects the criteria for selecting the ideal circulation heater. To fully optimize the performance of your process, inline heater customization is essential.


Wattco engineering specialists work with you to design and build inline heaters, accounting for your project’s unique needs. Existing systems and equipment are carefully considered to ensure cohesion and compliance. This makes it simple to install new systems, or incorporate Wattco heaters into existing systems. 

The materials, configurations, and components of your new inline heater are designed to match the composition of heated mediums, custom wattages, and tank shapes and sizes. Requirements like NEMA 4 explosion-proof housing are readily available to meet specific needs. Designs can also account for environmental factors such as weather, dust, and freeze protection.

Heater Types

Wattco manufactures devices for all industrial heating needs. Inline heating systems include: 

  • Immersion circulation heaters
  • Over-the-side heaters
  • Band Heaters
  • Coil Heaters
  • Duct Heaters

Our engineering specialists help you select the right heater types for your application. We can also recommend the best parts and components to repair, replace, or improve existing systems.

Sheath and Sleeve Materials

Proper sheath and sleeve material selection allow for longevity and performance, even when heating high-temperature and corrosive mediums. 

To deliver immediate heating, inline heaters are generally designed for immersion directly in the target fluid. This submersion can leave equipment vulnerable to corrosive and damaging fluids. Wattco offers a variety of corrosion-resistant materials and alloys to protect your heater.

The careful selection of materials ensures optimal performance and longer-lasting equipment, for profitable and reliable operations.

Heating Elements & Configurations

From open coil to rounded tubular coils, Wattco carefully selects the right type of heating elements for each project. We also provide custom element configurations, matching the specific shapes and sizes of heater vessels. We also factor in ideal flow rates, wattages, and delivery.

Custom element selection and configuration ensures consistent and even heat spread. This protects the integrity of your products and process.

Portable or Fixed

Large or enclosed vessels often require fixed inline heaters. These solutions offer powerful delivery, but less versatility once installed. A fixed heater is not easily removed after installation, and generally serves a singular function. They provide optimal performance in their assigned operation but are confined to that purpose.

Where appropriate, portable circulation heaters can be implemented. These heating systems are often skid-mounted making them easy to move for use in other takes or operations. These may have a less specific design if used for multiple purposes, but they optimize versatility.

Shipping and Installation

Get your devices delivered on time and on spec. Wattco has decades of experience shipping industrial inline heaters all around the globe. We manage all import, customs, and duties responsibilities. Rely on Wattco to deliver all types of freight safely, even where rush service is necessary.

The Wattco team of experts and engineers can provide or advise the installation of all heaters and devices. We account for all other elements of your system, environment, and power sources to ensure cohesion and performance.

Custom Inline Heater Quotes

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