Defense Industry

Military HeatersThe defense industry relies on science and precision engineering. This makes Wattco immersion heaters the perfect fit. They are custom-manufactured to meet the demands of all your most important processes. And they deliver efficient and accurate results.

Flanged heater elements are especially valuable to military heating processes. They provide a high degree of flexibility and customization. The flange materials can be manufactured in just about any configurations. As well, they are available in a variety of materials, lengths, types, and fittings. So there are options that make them ideal for any tank size or type of medium.

All Wattco heaters for the defense industry meet CSA and UL approved industrial guidelines. With a variety of high-performance electric heaters, Wattco supplies heating solutions for all defense industry needs.

Uses of Heaters in the Defense Industry

The defense industry uses electric heating equipment for many applications. The majority of heating is potable water for hygiene, cooking, and drinking. But they also play important roles such as fuel preheating and comfort heating.

Potable Water for Personnel

Heaters in marine operations are especially important for potable water. The Department of the Navy of the United States has a minimum potable water requirement of 2 gallons per man, per day on a naval ship.

Efficient and reliable circulation heaters are necessary to prevent water-borne diseases. As well, boiler heaters provide rapid heating to make hot water available for:

  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Showers
  • Dishwashing

The inline heaters are available in a wide range of wattages, flanged fittings, threaded terminals, alloys as well as vessel sizes and terminal enclosures to meet the most stringent design requirements.

Potable Water For Equipment

The defense industry stores large volumes of liquid for use in the cleaning and sterilization of equipment. Large tanks with 300,000 GAL of liquid or more often utilize Wattco pipe heaters in their designs.

Pipe heaters improve the ease of maintenance since there is no need to empty the tanks for servicing. Wattco pipe heaters are inserted in (ie.) 3 inch SCH40 pipes that are not in contact with the liquid.

NEMA 4 housing ensures terminal protection and a gradual heat is used along the length of the tank. Coiled elements are standard, although other options are available. For example, tubular elements can offer favorable results in high vibration environments

As well, Wattco heaters provide freeze protection, even in adverse conditions.

Space Heating

The defense industry uses infrared radiant heaters and duct heating for space heating. This can provide comfort heating for indoor and outdoor applications. As well as preheating heavy equipment.

Preheating Fuels

Transportation is a major component of the defense industry. Preheating the fuels used in transportation results in greater efficiency, reducing overall costs.

Wattco circulation heaters provide effective heat transfer for rapid, even, preheating.

Heat Controls

Wattco defense industry heaters can be equipped thermocouples and other accessories. These provide greater accuracy in the measurement and distribution of heat. As well, they use intelligent, automated digital control panels.

Control panels provide optimal heat transfer. As well as preventing issues such as overheating and chemical disintegration. They keep your process safe and efficient.

For further protection, panel housings are available in multiple NEMA ratings. These can supply options such as moisture and weather resistance, or even explosion-proof options.


Mentioned Products


Available in coil or tubular element design. They come with digital or mechanical controls. Used both indoor and outdoor for freeze protection to rapidly heat ducts and open areas.

Often used in large heating systems including laundry, hot water and kitchen applications. Electric boiler heaters are considered to be the most efficient method for heating water or steam.

Circulation heaters are most effective at providing precise heating solutions. They can heat liquid mediums during transport. Wattco circulation heaters are customizable for a wide variety of uses.

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