Laboratory Industry

Wattco produces many different types of electric heating elements for the medical industry. In particular Hemodialysis machines (kidney dialysis machines) use cartridge heaters  to help provide gentle thermal heat transfer to delicate fluids. Wattco cartridge heaters use high grade stainless steel sheath (316), an alloy know for its corrosion resistive properties.

Small tubular elements are used in infant clinics to help keep infants warm and comfortable in small basins (such as beds or cubicles). They use precise measurements for these heat applications  Cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples offer accurate temperature readings of up to 1 degree allowing medical staff to ensure patient comfort even at the earliest stages of life.

Cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples are also used to heat interior hospital beds and infant beds. With their unique dielectric strength qualities, cartridge heaters offer excellent heat transfer capabilities that improve heat up time for patients.

Medical equipments contain Wattco cartridge heaters, tubular heaters for respiratory therapy equipment as well. Wattco manufactures cartridge heaters for radiologists and X-ray technicians that require high limit thermocouples to help regulate temperature. These heaters are made of the highest quality materials (ie. stainless steel) to help prevent contamination and impurities to form. Silicone or epoxy seals are also used at the lead ends of cartridge heaters to offer further protection in these applications.

Silicone rubber heaters are used in medical laboratories in an effort to reduce condensation and humidity that can form with patient samples. They are used in the base of a dish, near the sample tubing and provide efficient heat transfer for all liquid mediums (such as water). Silicone rubber heaters are also used to provide efficient heat transfer to medical components and are easily replaceable during machine maintenance. They come with mechanical thermostats that are integrated into the silicone pad and have teflon leads custom made to your required length.


Mentioned Products

Cartridge heaters are primarily used to heat solids by being placed in a mold. They can reach and maintain temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Wattco Tubular heaters can be customized for nearly every scenario. They use a strong outer sheath to withstand physical stress and high quality alloys for efficient heat transfer.

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