Hybrid Control Panel

Hybrid Temperature Control Panels come with the On-Off panels with the following options:

  • CTRL Transformer
  • Contactors and Fuses for multiple load variations
  • Step controller
  • SCR


The Solid State Switching devices are semi conductor devices that control the power, either voltage or current that is supplied to the production system. While their job is primarily to switch the power on and off at rapid pace according to the instructions of the controller, they are capable of doing multiple standalone functions that primary include diagnostic functions and supervisory functions. They can be seen in a similar light to electronic circuit breakers because of their ability to protect the system from damage caused as a result of unchecked temperature settings or power supplies. It is their reliability and ability to manage fast paced switching operations with ease that increases their functionality and demand in the market. They are best utilized in low noise areas as well as in areas that are switched frequently for example to control resistive loads, conveyor systems, etc. The fact that they have a compact design makes them a viable choice for use in control cabinet allowing for greater space availability.

Solid state switching devices are easy to integrate into feeders of load. This is largely down to their industrial design and connection method. Yet, there are some aspects that need to be taken care of when the installation of these devices is taking place. The ambient conditions and the environment where they are being installed is what determine the performance of the switching devices. Each version of these switches has a few restrictions that need to be followed down to the letter t. For example, there will usually be a manual attached that will outline the minimum spacing and solid heat relays and the heat sink where these devices are to be used. If these are not taken care of, the functionality and effectiveness of the device will be affected. Despite being rugged and reliable in their construction, sold state switching devices exhibit a greater sensitivity in the event of a short circuit. Hence, it is important that precautions are taken to protect it against damage. Solid State Power Switching devices are under appreciated amongst the tools for effective control over industrial operations and the temperature of these operations. Yet, the fact that they are underappreciated cannot create doubts about their usefulness and need in the operations.


  • Remote set-point available
  • Alarms
  • Additional sensors
  • Full detailed drawings


  • They offer zero-cross
  • They offer Various configurations offer short circuit current ratings (SCCR) of 200,000 amperes
  • They offer touch-safe terminations
  • They offer serial communications
  • They offer safety shutdown contactor
  • They offer RoHS compliance
  • They offer ratings from 18 to 1,000 amperes
  • They offer random or phase-angle fire options
  • They offer optional over- and under-temperature limit
  • They offer on-board fuses,
  • They offer integrated temperature and process controller
  • They offer integrated heat sinks
  • They offer input indicators
  • They offer heater bake out
  • They offer extensive system and heater diagnostic capabilities
  • They offer convenient DIN-rail mount packages
  • They offer agency approvals including CE and UL 508
  • They offer a good replacement for mercury displacement relays.

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