Steam heaters for cleaning

The Use of Steam for Cleaning

One unsuspecting application of electric heaters is found in steam cleaning. There are many industries that can benefit from steam cleaning, but the automotive industry is most benefitting from the steam cleaning faculties aided by WATTCO™ electric heaters. Major manufacturers of automotive parts utilize steam pressure systems to clean the automotive parts in their assembly lines. Their components are often contaminated with grind and milling residue. That means they need reliable heat sources that can increase the temperature high enough to sanitize those components before sending them on the assembly lines. The question is, how does WATTCO™ devise the heating systems that are suitable for the automotive industries?

Steam Heating Elements

There are two types of heaters WATTCO™ can use in the steam heating system: tubular elements , flanged heaters and over-the-side heaters. The heaters suitable for steam heating must have certain characteristics. First of all, they must be high efficiency up to 100%. They have to be more reliable and efficient than most heating units. They also need be designed to reduce vibration, noise, scaling, and water hammering. The steam heating elements are usually made of steel, stainless steel, Incoloy®, Inconel®, or titanium alloys. The process temperature required is up to 750⁰C (1,392⁰F).

The heating elements for steam heating differ by the type of applications (conduction, convection, and radiation heating). They also require strong outer sheath to protect the heater from physical stress. The steam cleaning heaters are typically designed to support the water low of nearly 3,500 GPM (gallons per minute), and temperature range of 95⁰F at the start and 135⁰F at the final. They also must support the steam flow and the steam pressure of both 60,000 lbs per hour and 175 psig (pounds per square inch gauge) respectively.

The best way to steam clean industrial parts and machines is using direct steam injection heating. It is a type of fluid heating that utilizes steam being directly being mixed with the utility of process fluid. It is energy efficient, and has an exceptional temperature control. It provides a quick heating as compared to other heaters, and is equipped with thermostats to help regulate the temperature and steam flow.

Direct Steam Injection Heaters

The steam heaters WATTCO™ use in providing direct steam injection heating are inline flanged heaters.  These heaters are cost effective, and require very little maintenance. There are steam control valves that can prompt temperature control valves to regulate flow control manually or automatically. The steam heaters are very easy to install and require less space to be installed in a pipeline or a vessel.

Direct steam injection heaters are designed in that all parts are immobile, and inject direct steam to machinery parts that require cleaning. A single stationary mixer combines cold and hot water instantly. The heating elements are designed as chambers, and produce steam particles to mix in the water stream. These steam particles are then used to cleanse automotive parts or other industrial machinery. Depending on the water steam flow, the heater is designed to provide hot water at an optimal temperature.