Heater Element Configurations For Tanks

Reliable tank heating is at the core of many industrial processes. Heater elements are one of the key components of tank heating. They can be used interchangeably, but their most effective use is with specific or custom designs for their intended use.

Industrial heater elements can come in just about any configuration and can be customized to meet your heat, medium, and tank needs. Everything from shape to material is customizable to provide the most efficient operation.

Heater Element Configurations


Flange heaters element configurations for tanks

Flange heaters are one of the most popular industrial heaters for storage tanks. They are user-friendly immersion heaters that allow a high degree of control. The customization of flange heater elements allows users to match the elements to the desired flow of the heated medium.

The two main heater element configurations for flange heaters in tanks are:

  1. Round flange heaters
  2. Square flange heaters


Round Flange Heater Element Configurations

The round shape is common for boiler heaters and can fit many different sizes and dimensions.

Round heater element bundle 


Square Flange Heater Element Configuration

The square flange heater is highly efficient, it is often used in water heating in tanks. They are also effective in heating oil, chemicals, solvents, and other liquids.

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Heater Element Bundles

Both of the above configurations are examples of heating element bundles. Bundles are packed closely together and to the heat source for fast, efficient heating. In tanks heating, this means rapid heating and response to dropping temperatures.

Bundles are common for direct immersion heating in tanks with:


Open Coil Heater Elements

Open coil elements are the most low-cost and highly-efficient heating elements available. Although they are commonly used for duct heating they also meet the needs of metal tubing, pipe, and tank heating.

Open Coil Elements

For indirect tank heating, open coil elements are a great option. They provide uniform heat distribution over a large area. Open coil elements decrease watt density requirements and prevent heat-sensitive materials from coking or breaking down.


Finned Heater Elements

Finned tubular heating elements are among the most versatile elements. They have incredible flexibility and an unlimited number of custom bends, so they can fit just about any application. As well, they can have custom made cold sections if this is a need.

Finned Tubular Heating Elements

The availability of thick sheath walls and high-quality materials help to protect finned heating elements. They can withstand high temperatures and corrosive solutions. They are easy to install, maintain and replace.


Purchasing Heater Elements for Tanks

WATTCO heater elements allow for custom designs to fit any tank and medium. Elements can be chosen to fit an existing heater or as part of a new electric heating system. Contact a WATTCO representative today to pick out the best heater element type and configuration for your specific application.