Flanged Immersion Heaters

The ever-popular flange immersion heater

Commercial leaders in industrial giants have for decades relied upon the user-friendly aspects of this heating element. Whether you select a round or square flange heater, these units are excellent for large-wattage applications. As discussed in previous articles, these models can be customized through any combination of rates, sizes, shapes and sheath materials. But whatever combo you choose, WATTCO™ assures commercial and industrial customers that we will manufacture a flange immersion heater that is durable, reliable and well-suited to the task at hand.

WATTCO’s square flange heater

Flange heaters are designed to be efficient. This efficiency is due to their construction and the theory by which they operate. A flange immersion heater works by generating heat which is then immediately dissipated to the heating medium. Most often, that medium is water, oil, chemicals, solvents and other liquids.

WATTCO’s manufactures products that are CSA and CSA U.S. approved so you can rest assured that a round or square flange heater manufactured here has quality and safety standards in mind. These are vital points to consider, especially in industrial settings, where failure – or worse, catastrophic failure – can have major implications for production costs, employee safety and equipment maintenance.

Maintenance of flange heaters

Imagine no downtime, no revenue loss and no idle hands. It’s not just a pipe dream. Maintenance of WATTCO™ flange heaters is as simple as plunking in a new unit where the old one was bolted in. These units are perfect for commercial and industrial uses and many other applications.