Over-The-Side Heater Installation Types

Over-the-side heaters are versatile heating systems, offering convenient, reliable heating for a variety of applications. They are used in important processes including degreasing tanks, parts cleaning, heat transfer fluids, and plating tanks.

OTS heaters are extremely customizable, allowing them to match different sizes and shapes of tanks. As well as making them appropriate for several different applications. There are different options for over-the-side heater installation types that are determined by these factors.

L-Shaped Installation

The L-shaped over-the-side heater installation type is designed to heat the tank from the bottom up. The heater is the shape of an uppercase ‘L’ with only the horizontal segment containing the heater elements. Having the element positioned along the bottom of the tank allows for even heat distribution as heat rises upwards through the target medium.

These heaters can use legs on the bottom of the horizontal segment to prevent direct contact with the tank. This prevents damage to the heater and vessel alike.

L-shaped over-the-side heaters can use custom element configurations. Depending on the size and shape of the tank. A larger vessel may use multiple OTS heaters in conjunction with one another.

Calentador Productos QuimicosSide Mount Installation

Mounting a heater on the side of a vessel is ideal when other operations need to happen inside the tank. The side mount installation leaves room for other processes and equipment, without interference. It’s also ideal when treating different liquid levels in one vessel, as this over-the-side heater type can leave a cold section at the top.

Side mount heaters are particularly easy to install. They use brackets along the side, making it quick to remove or replace for maintenance or use in other tanks. They can also be mounted on skids to this end.


Deep Tank OTS Heater Installation

Unlike L-shape and side mount heaters, deep tank installations are generally designed for permanent mounting. As permanent fixtures they can use weathertight sealing, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. They are safe from dust, debris, and weather hazards.

These are top-mounted immersion heaters used for deep, enclosed tanks. Commonly used for in-ground tanks and sewage sumps, these heaters usually have manhole access.

Over-The-Side Heater Selection

Wattco custom-manufacture electric over-the-side heaters for all major industries. Our team of experts can help you select the ideal OTS heater installation for your operation. They also provide options for custom materials, wattages, and element configurations. Find the best heater for your specific application and budget.

Contact Wattco today for over-the-side heater quotes and information.

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