Uses of Electric Heaters in the Bio-Pharma Industry

Bio-pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing has been an essential industry since its emergence. But now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with vaccine shortages and new strains coming into play, the importance of the bio-pharmacy industry is especially highlighted. 

In this article, we explore how electric heaters are used for core applications in the bio-pharma industry, such as:

  • Air & Gas Purification
  • Gas & Steam Injection
  • Temperature Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Water Purification


Heater Applications

Tank Heaters

Tank heaters for bio-pharmaceutical projects are particularly important for storage vessels. They maintain and monitor temperatures to keep the medium safe from loss and ready for use. As well, they are beneficial for preheating and treatment processes.

Flanged heaters are the ideal solution for many tank heating processes. They are capable of providing stable heating to even large tanks. With custom heater element configurations, flanged heaters offer even heating regardless of vessel shape. As well, their positioning at the side or bottom of the vessel allows other operations to be performed in the tank, without interference.

Unitary tank heaters can also provide heating for large tanks. They generally require minimal space to install and can provide low-watt density heat over a large area.

Circulation Heaters

Electric circulation heaters are important in treating, prepping, and processes in bio-pharma applications. Circulation, or inline, heaters are safe, efficient, and precise. As a result, they are capable of delivering superior performance for applications like gas heating, desulphurization, air/flue-gas heating, and superheating steam.

Skid-Mounted Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters can be skid-mounted for mobility and more versatile use. Skid-mounted process heaters are commonly used in pipelines for freeze protection and flow maintenance. In the bio-pharmaceutical industry, however, they are often used for catalyst regeneration. This approach makes the heater simple to install, remove, and even use in multiple units.

Steam Boilers

Electric Water HeaterSteam is frequently required in bio-pharma applications and is not always economical to produce – particularly in remote locations with limited hot water or that require steam for emergency and maintenance purposes.

Electric steam boiler heaters are capable of providing steam efficiently, anywhere where electricity is available. They are capable of producing any type of steam, including the clean steam whose purity makes it appropriate for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

Using an electric boiler heater is ideal for steam, particularly where purity is a concern. Combustion heaters produce contaminants that can affect the purity of the steam. With an electric heater, however, the purity level is protected.

HVAC and Radiant Heaters

Space heating devices are an important aspect of bio-pharma projects. Radiant heaters, HVAC systems, and duct heaters provide heating to targeted areas, allowing the staff to work in a comfortable environment. With automated control systems, they can be set to only turn on in the specific locations and times where they are required, helping to keep heating costs low.

While comfort heating is important, it is not the only application of radiant heaters and HVAC in bio-pharma heaters. They also play an essential role in protecting the integrity of processes and products. They are often responsible for freeze prevention and moisture protection. In sensitive processes, this can prevent damage and ensure the integrity of products.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Heater Quotes

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