Over-the-Side Heater Applications & Advantages

Calentador Productos QuimicosOver-the-side, or OTS, heaters are one of the most versatile industrial heaters. Although they are typically limited to open tanks they are capable of performing many tasks and can be used in a variety of unique ways. For the right project, over-the-side heaters can be your best option.

This article explores some of the core applications and advantages of using an OTS heater.

OTS Heater Applications

Degreasing Tanks

Degreasing is an important application across all sorts of industries. From degreasing utensils in kitchens to large industrial metal parts in manufacturing. Using a heated tank allows for more precise degreasing and dust removal, as well as creating more sterile conditions.

OTS heaters are ideal for degreasing tanks, as these are generally open tanks. Since the heater is mounted over the side, it leaves lots of room for operations within the tank.

Heat Transfer Fluids

When heating transfer fluids the most efficient approach is to use an immersion heater. These provide direct heating which minimizes heat loss and maximizes heat transfer rates. Immersion heating for transfer fluids can be done with flanged, over-the-side, or screw plug heaters.

In closed tanks, screw plug and flanged heaters are ideal. But in open tanks, OTS heaters offer their own advantages.

Parts Cleaning

Similar to degreasing tanks, parts cleaning is often performed in open tanks. This makes over-the-side heaters an ideal solution. A single OTS heater can be moved from one tank to another, to minimize the number of units required.

Plating Tanks

Both heat exchangers and OTS heaters are commonly used in plating tanks. Although, OTS heaters are preferable. Over-the-side heaters solve the most common issues in plating tanks. They offer more accurate and efficient temperature maintenance, precision watt density, easy maintenance and leave room for other operations.

Advantages of Over-the-Side Heaters

Open Containers

In open containers, over-the-side heaters are often the most practical solution. They can be positioned and repositioned easily. As well, custom element configurations make them suitable for the shape of the vessel. In large tanks, multiple OTS heaters can even be used together.

Ease of Installation/Removal

OTS heaters do not need to be welded or permanently attached to the tank. The heater simply sits over the side of the tank. As such, they are quick and easy to install and remove. This makes it possible to use a single heater for more than one tank.

Using skid systems in industrial heating applications makes use in multiple tanks easy. Skid-mounting the heater allows it to be quickly removed and moved with a forklift.

Room for Operation

The heater installs along the side, with the heater elements extending along the bottom of the tank. This leaves lots of room for other operations and activities in the tank. In parts cleaning and degreasing, this keeps the heater from interfering with the parts being cleaned.

Multiple Installation Types

Part of the versatility of the immersion heaters is that they offer multiple installation types. This makes them suitable for a plethora of different applications and vessels. Common OTS heater installation types include:

  • L-Shape: Used to heat the tank from the bottom up, with elements just above the bottom of the tank.
  • Side Wall: Aka side mount, this installation type has the heater elements along the side of the tank. It can treat different fluid levels within the tank, and is often used where a cold section is desired at the top level.
  • Deep Tank: These OTS heaters are designed for permanent mounting, with water-tight sealing for deep, enclosed tanks. They are common for in-ground tanks and sewage sumps.


Over-the-Side Heater Quotes

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