Electric Flanged Heater Benefits in Mining Industry

Mining HeatersThe mining industry is important to the advancement of technology and society. The mind often goes to the generation of wealth, mining precious metals like gold and silver. But mining is responsible for unearthing all sorts of necessary materials that are used for everything from power generation to building computers and cellphones.

To keep the mining industry harvesting essential materials needed worldwide, it relies on advanced modern equipment. For production to meet global demands, heating equipment that can increase efficiency and overcome specific mining industry challenges is a necessity.

In this article, we explore the key advantages of flanged heaters in mining applications.

Corrosion Resistance

In the extraction of raw materials like gold, silver, and platinum, corrosive chemicals are a mainstay. Of course, corrosivity can cause problems for equipment. Left unchecked, corrosion will destroy equipment, causing failure and/or hazards. Even with regular maintenance, it can lead to lost efficiency, long-term damage, and product compromisation.

Electric flanged heaters have the advantage of customizable sheath and element materials. By choosing corrosion-resistant metals for process heaters, mining operations can ensure product quality, equipment longevity, and efficiency. Generally, this involves choosing non-ferrous or specially treated materials, such as adding chromium.

Precision Temperature Control

Mining processes require precise temperature control. Because these projects often involve heating large volumes, this can be a challenge. In addition to requiring sufficient power to heat large tanks, they also need to provide uniform heating. This makes electric flange heaters especially valuable.

Electric power is particularly efficient, allowing mineral extraction heaters to provide sufficient power, even at smaller sizes. Flanged heaters are particularly well-suited to heating large volumes. Installed directly into the bottom of the tank, in custom element configurations, they make uniform heating possible. For especially large vessels, it is possible to achieve these same results by using multiple heater units in sequence.

Large Volume Heating

Electric Heater MiningSodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide are commonly used in extracting gold. They are used in containers as large as 50,000 gallons. These large volumes need to be heated to specific temperatures.

As addressed, flanged heaters are particularly good at heating large vessels. Because of the temperatures, they also require careful material selection. Wattco heaters are available in a wide variety of materials to keep them operating consistently regardless of temperature or corrosive properties.

Direct Installation

Flanged heaters are welded directly into the tanks. One advantage of this is that it provides direct heating. They come in direct contact with the product they heat, ensuring maximum efficiency, and no wasted energy.

As well, this welding directly into the tank means there is no need for access holes in the vessel. This reduces weak points in the tank, prevents spills/leaks, and reduces heat loss.


Another key advantage of electric over combustion mining heaters is safety. There is no need to use a flammable power source, which can present a significant risk to personnel and equipment. Electricity and electric tank heaters are much safer and more reliable.

Mining Flanged Heater Quotes

Wattco custom manufactures electric flanged heaters for the mining industry. Our team of engineers works with you to design the ideal heater type, configurations, and materials for each project’s specific needs and budget.

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