Improved Temperature Control With Smart Controller

Smart ControllerAll heating processes benefit from precision temperature control. This is true for both commercial and industrial applications. Due to its sheer volume, however, precision makes its biggest impact in the industrial sector.

There are three main factors that make precision temperature control essential for any industry:

1. Quality

Producing a high-quality product requires the right temperature. Oil and gas production needs accurate temperatures for refining and purifying, such as in oil-water separation. Electric plating baths need the right heat application for metal finishing. Even the dairy industry relies on precision heat for pasteurization.

Wherever you look in heating processes, final product quality has a lot to do with precise heat. Otherwise, products can be improperly/incompletely separated, become damaged or impure, or have insufficient flow rates.

2. Consistency

Just as precision heating influences quality, so does it affect consistency. A precise heater system ensures that products come out the same. Not only of consistent quality but also production time and energy expenditure. Keeping processes predictable prevents unwelcome surprises.

3. Loss Prevention

Where heating is not accurate, the product can be lost or otherwise damaged. For instance, inaccurate temps in freeze protection can lead to product loss and/or damaged equipment. Bitumen tank heaters that aren’t kept up to temperature can see the product harden, making it unusable, or at least not ready for immediate use.

While the heaters themselves are essential to quality, consistency, and loss prevention, improving their precision starts with smarter control panels. Digital control panels have made industrial heating processes more precise, efficient, and profitable.

How Smart Controllers Improve Processes


Automation is one of the most important tools for improving accuracy and efficiency across all industries. Automated control panels allow you to refocus manpower to areas where they are needed most. Your controller can function without a human operator, reading and responding to all connected sensors and information.

This makes it possible to run processes 24/7 while requiring fewer personnel. This means greater efficiency and lower operational costs.


Smart control panels operate on their own and constantly monitor all connected sensors and relays. This makes them able to respond faster than a human operator.

For temperature maintenance this means less wasted spend, shutting off once the temperature is achieved, and turning on before leaving the optimal range. It also makes operations much safer. Safety shutdown switches, for instance, are instantly flipped as soon as specified limits are reached. This helps to prevent hazards to equipment, product, or personnel.


Digital control panels also provide an unmatchable level of accuracy. Not only can the panel monitor and act on information from multiple sources and inputs. It can do so immediately, and with absolute precision.

These processes avoid the risk of human error, while also saving valuable time.


The best control panels are designed to be compatible with the heaters and sensors that they control. Wattco heaters, for example, are designed to run optimally with Wattco control panels. While it is often possible to use panels, sensors, and heaters from different manufacturers, it is not ideal. Getting everything from one source ensures optimal compatibility. That means greater precision and reliability.

Smart Control Panel Quotes

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