Applying Electric Heaters in Steam Recovery Systems

Recovery systems are essential for achieving emissions goals and reducing operational costs. Electric heaters in carbon capturing systems, for instance, allow for the recovery and capture of carbon as it is being produced. The carbon is then stored to prevent it from entering the atmosphere and then reused as energy. This reduces emissions from the initial process and decreases the energy required for ongoing processes.

Electric Heaters in Steam Recovery SystemsSteam recovery systems work on a similar principle. Although instead of capturing carbon, the process recaptures steam and uses its heat energy. Even though steam itself is generally non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the energy used in steam generation can be harmful. By recapturing the steam, you reduce energy use, lowering operating costs.

The recaptured steam supplies energy and heat in processes as water or steam. A typical breakdown of recovered steam goes to ~60% water and ~40% steam. 

The Steam Recovery Process

Steam recovery is generally accomplished with either a pressurized or vented system. A vented recovery system uses a simpler design and comes at a lower cost. But, vent systems experience more energy loss and can create vapor clouds in the atmosphere.

Pressurized recovery systems are more complex but offer greater recovery of steam. The principles of each follow the same basic steps:

  • Steam production by a boiler heater
  • Steam goes to equipment
  • A steam trap captures the steam
  • The trap moves the steam to a collection vessel that pumps it to the feedtank and/or boiler
  • A boiler heater converts feedwater into steam and brings recaptured steam up to operating temperature

By reusing the steam and hot water recovered from use, the boiler heater requires less energy to create steam of the target temperature. For maximum efficiency, electric heaters offer greater precision and cost-effectiveness.

Advantages of Electric Heaters in Steam Recovery

Reduce Exhaust

One of the core goals of steam recovery is to reduce environmental impact. This is good for PR, avoiding fines, compliance, and the environment. Using electric heaters further emphasizes this goal. Because there is no combustion, you do not produce excess exhaust with electric boiler heaters. Electric heaters are nearly 100% efficient and produce virtually no carbon footprint.

Automated digital control panelsGreater Accuracy and Responsiveness

Electric heaters are precision instruments. They are capable of delivering accurate and even heating with capable monitoring systems. Automated digital control panels immediately respond to changes in temperature and pressure. This ensures process consistency and ensures safety.


Electric heaters are the most efficient option for steam generation, whether in standard or recovery systems. The heaters have a simple design that maximizes efficiency while ensuring long lifespans with less downtime. Electric power ensures faster heat-up times and has almost no wasted energy. As a result, processes are cost-effective as well as efficient.

Electric Steam Recovery Heaters

Wattco custom manufactures electric heaters for steam recovery and generation. Our team of experts works with you to determine the right heater type, materials, and configuration for your project. Contact Wattco today for electric boiler heater quotes and information.