Cartridge Heaters for Moulds

Construction of silicone rubber heaters

When heating a large surface area or irregular surface, or an area that requires flexibility, often only one type of product will do. Silicone rubber heaters are designed to go where no other heat source dares to go and do what no other can do. These products are constructed of a fiberglass grid layered within sheets of the flexible material. Those sheets are subsequently fused together via the application of intense heat and pressure. Unlike other heating elements such as the screw plug or heater cartridge, the rubberized mat conducts lower levels of even heat for special heating applications that require irregular shaped, low level heat surfaces. Consequently, they require a high level of skill and attention to detail in the customization process.

Heater cartridge applications

For top-notch heat transfer, pinpoint temperature control and corrosion resistance in heating elements, count on WATTCO™ to deliver the goods. Our heater cartridge features easy installation and maintenance, top temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees and a high-grade MgO core, all in a unit constructed of the finest materials.

In addition to heating fluids, these quality units are used in a number of commercial applications, including the aerospace industry, food service equipment, life sciences, hotplates, molds and dies, sealings and semiconductors and from hot plates to platens. See why big business and industry rely on WATTCO™ to keep the day to day business running smoothly and efficiently, all the while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

For more information on cartridge and silicone rubber heaters, contact a WATTCO™ representative.