Electric Duct Heater

Come to us for open coil elements

Whether working on a replacement convection heating job or added heat to an element, WATTCO™ can fabricate the necessary parts. Talk to us about the fabrication of open coil elements for a variety of projects, not matter how large or small. We will work to get the wire gauge and material necessary to do the job right.

Circulation heater choices at Wattco™

The choices never end at Wattco.com. From electric immersion to oil heaters to boilers and industrial heating elements, we have every option possible in circulation heater elements.

It is possible to give forced air heating systems the shot in the arm they need with a quality electric duct heater from WATTCO™. When other off-the-shelf models simply are not up to task, talk to us about our wide variety of in-stock circulation heater units. We guarantee that if customers can’t find precisely the heaters needed for the job, we will find or manufacture one that will. We at WATTCO™ understand all too well the challenges of matching the right tools to the right tasks. After all, not all heating parts – flange heaters, open coil elements, etc. – are suited to every use. That is why we remain more flexible than any of our competitors – flexible for the benefit of our own customers.

Electric duct heater options

Dust sensors, 40- to 100-degree temperature ranges, automatic/programmable ductwork temperature regulation and other features are all options open to WATTCO™ customers. Through customization, one can cherry-pick the electric duct heater that is most appropriate. In the end, this special selection of features can be the smartest money-saving decision you’ve ever made.

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