Electric Duct Heaters

Choosing an Open Coil element

Whether adding or replacing elements in commercial ductwork or even just making a small fix in a commercial plenum, engineers find what they require at Wattco.com. There is an open coil element for every task, from a small home repair to a major industrial project.

“Cold spots” are often encountered in especially cold rooms in old, drafty buildings where electric duct heaters are few and far between, or even totally nonexistent. This can be problematic when trying to keep energy costs down. But, it’s even more problematic for the individual who spends the most time in these chilly rooms. One cost-effective way to solve the cold spot dilemma is through the use of some sort of heating implement to reach all those hard-to-heat spaces.

Programmable electric duct heaters

Try the added convenience of a heater that is completely programmable and automated (https://www.wattco.com/2012/01/load-banks). These models automatically monitor ductwork temperatures and modify the heat output accordingly to maintain the desired temperature of the open coil element. And it is more than a mere convenience; this heating element is also energy efficient. Electric duct heaters can be programmed at a specific point and heat up your area as they were designed to do. By maintaining a temperature that is specially designed for accuracy allows for efficient heat transfer without energy waste. These units operate more efficiently and effectively, and consume less energy. Overall, the added convenience is perfect for industrial and commercial use.

Be sure to browse our products page to see these and other heating solutions we provide such as finned tubular heaters and many more

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