Industrial Heating Elements

Industrial Heating Elements Come With Service

Put customer service concerns to rest when doing business with Wattco. This site provides a whole lot of information about our quality industrial heating elements, but read between the lines: Our real business is customer service. A few of us still care about “intangibles” like giving customers a positive experience. From the small business owner looking to order a single mechanical thermostat, right up to the plant operator with a 100 cartridge heaters on order, every customer receives top priority and expedient service.

Our philosophy is to give not only the most fastidiously manufactured industrial electric heater equipment and supplies available, but also to provide those products with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

Industrial electric heater satisfaction guaranteed

So, how does WATTCO™ provide both a high level of customer service along with top-notch industrial heating elements? We can tell you it’s not by spewing out facts and figures or giving a slick sales pitch. Our line of products, expertly designed by top engineers, speaks for itself. Nor is it by stuffing a brochure in the mail instead of answering specific inquiries.

We excel in our service to our customers by listening closely to what they have to say. Answering any and all questions and concerns. Being eager to personalize/customize any order and fulfilling that order more quickly than any of our competitors. No commercial or industrial electric heater – no matter how “rock-bottom” the price – is worth the money spent if the vendor hasn’t fully addressed all the relevant concerns.

WATTCO™ is a premier provider for industrial and commercial heating products, from elements to full constructions. Engineers and project managers the nation over have come to us for our expertise and customized attention. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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