Silicone Rubber Heater

The Wattco™ advantage

Ordering just the right heating unit for any applications, such as a highly customized silicone rubber heater for delicate machinery or production use, is often as simple as picking an in-stock model from our vast inventory. We are also able to build custom heating units based on specific needs. Simply provide us with a few vital bits of information: quantity, dimensions, how it will be used, wattage and voltage, temperature range, preferred element (such as cartridge heater) and other preferences such as mechanical thermostats and leads.

Easily installed and used cartridge heater

As discussed in other pages, the most common applications for this type of heating element is in molds, platens, dies and other similar situations. The beauty of the WATTCO™ cartridge heater is the ease with which this heating source can be installed and utilized for the heating of metal parts in a variety of industrial settings.

Popular silicone rubber heater applications

Despite its slim profile and light weight, this heating method packs a powerful wallop. Where lightening-quick warm-ups are a necessity and efficient heat transfer is an absolute must, the silicone rubber heater is the ideal solution. Fiberglass reinforcements give the mats superior stability and still provide incredible flexibility in their use and function.

This product has a wide array of applications in business and industrial settings including, but not limited to use in printers and photo processing machinery, delicate medical equipment, plastics curing and equipment freeze protection. All this power and performance in a piece of technology that is thinner than the flatscreen monitor on which you may be viewing these product details right now.