Tubular Heating Elements (Calrod Heaters)

The tubular heating element

Units that are built to last and perform are the life's blood of any HVAC professional. Loved for its versatility, used for its efficiency, this product is a staple in many appliance applications, as well as a number of small- and large-scale uses. The beauty of our tubular heating element is its ability to home in on the precise level of heat needed in the desired location. It is a key player on any process engineer's dream team.

Properly designed and constructed WATTCO™ units mean the ultimate reliability and consistent product performance time after time. Get the best performance and electrical efficiency from your finned tubular heater through precise customization.


Customize your finned tubular heater

For every heat need, from the tubular heating element to immersion heaters, there's a unique unit that is perfect for the job – ideally. The trick is to identify an honest, reputable and knowledgeable supplier who can manufacture the materials to fulfill the function. WATTCO's finned tubular heater is made to match any project specifications. Once the unit's function has been determined, we are able to customize the voltage rating, length and diameter to meet the requirements. Contrary to popular belief, customization of a tubular heater doesn't necessarily translate into more expense. Excessive costs only come into play when using a product that is inappropriate for the task.

Please visit our product descriptions and read on for more information about WATTCO's specific and customized lines for various commercial and industrial solutions.