Benefits of Electric Heaters to Maintain Boiler Feedwater

inline heater panelFeedwater heaters preheat water for boilers. A steam-generating boiler, like those found in power plants, requires much less time and energy to convert this preheated water to steam. This efficiency helps increase output while decreasing operating costs and time.

The Importance of Boiler Feedwater Maintenance

Left untreated, or even in its delivered state, feedwater is often full of contaminants. Contaminants in boiler feedwater can result in poor quality steam. That could make the steam unusable for clean steam and pure steam applications. 

In addition to decreasing steam quality, boiler feedwater contaminants can result in:

  • Corrosion and Scaling
  • Flow Blockages 
  • Dissolving Oxygen


All of these factors can wreak havoc on the efficiency and lifespan of boiler heaters and steam generation equipment. Blockages and scaling can cause processes to slow or stop altogether while requiring more energy to achieve temperature targets. Oxygen pitting and corrosion can cause the metal in tanks, boilers, and pipes to decay, collapse, or even rupture. 

At best, these issues require shutdowns for maintenance. At worst, they can cause catastrophic failure of equipment and safety hazards. 

The key to proper boiler heater feedwater maintenance is proactive planning. These issues tend to result from neglect or a lack of advance planning. 

  • Monitoring chemicals to maintain acceptable pH levels helps reduce corrosion and maintains quality.
  • Choosing appropriate feedwater for the application. Ex. Depending on microbial specifications, pure steam applications require PW (purified water) or WFI (water for injection).
  • Equipment like deaerators can better balance oxygen levels to prevent decay.
  • Scheduling regular heater maintenance allows for early detection of issues making repairs quick and cost-effective.
  • Precise heaters ensure that the proper temperature ranges are maintained to prevent lost efficiency or damage from corrosion and scaling.


Benefits of Electric Boiler Feedwater Heaters

Choosing electric heaters for preheating boiler feedwater is beneficial across all industries. All types of steam benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of electric heating systems. Here we explore a few benefits of electric boiler feedwater heaters.

Steam Quality

Water quality has a direct input on the quality of steam generated. This is especially important for pure and clean steam applications. However, water quality can be compromised if using combustion heaters due to the release of contaminants. Electric boiler heaters have a cleaner process, thus better protecting water quality throughout the process. As a result, they reduce the risk of contaminants affecting steam quality.


Electric boiler heaters are the most efficient heater type for preheating feedwater. They are capable of achieving temperatures quickly, with minimal energy expenditure and greater precision than fossil fuel heaters.

They also offer excellent customization to meet the specific needs of a project. Custom materials, settings, and configurations are available, and multiple heater types to match each application.

Electric Circulation HeaterCirculation heaters provide indirect heat, protecting the heater from contaminants or flow restrictions. They are an excellent choice for steam generation in powerplants.

Screw plug heaters are another excellent option for steam generation. They are ideal for smaller boiler tanks and offer maximum efficiency. A larger tank may opt for flanged heaters, which provide greater power output across a larger volume of water. Both types use direct heating for fast and precise temperature control.

Direct steam injection heaters are more common for cleaning machine parts. They have a simple design and installation process at a low cost but are not appropriate for all applications.

Fuel Savings

Electricity is a superior energy source in performance and cost. Fossil fuels are more expensive and have more wasted energy in their use. In contrast, electricity is nearly 100% efficient. Electric heaters are also compatible with alternative energy sources like solar power. 

They are also compatible with Tesla’s evolving battery technology. This allows for electricity use even without connection to a power grid.

Ease of Maintenance

Electric boiler feedwater heaters have a simple design with fewer components. This design helps further reduce fouling of feedwater. It also makes maintenance less frequent, faster, and easier to accomplish. As such, the feedwater quality is easier to maintain while enjoying fewer production stoppages and reliable efficiency.

Electric Boiler Heater Quotes

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