What Are Circulation Heaters?

    Circulation heaters are generally used for pressurized processing fluids. This type of immersion heater is widely used in application of various industries, such as oil storage, commercial food equipment or cooling towers. Circulator heater’s performance and efficiency are comparable to industrial heat exchangers since they follow an equivalent heat exchanging mechanism. Examples of processing fluids […]

    What Are Calrod Heaters?

    Calrod tubular heaters are electric tubular heaters used to produce radiant heat in an application. Calrod heating elements are found in incoloy, stainless steel, steel alloys and are used in many applications such as kitchen appliances, flange heaters, screw plug heaters and over the side heaters. Watt density for Calrod heaters vary as they can […]

    Water Application Documentation

    Water temperature is often one of the major considerations for many industrial applications, for example, water heating, cooling tower, water treatment process, commercial food equipment, etc. In order to make the desire product with the highest quality and yield, maintaining the desired operation temperature is essential. Water immersion heaters are widely used for many work […]

    What are Immersion Heaters?

    Immersion heaters are commonly installed inside industrial processing equipments such as liquid tanks, process pipes, pressurized vessels, etc. They are mainly used for direct heating of various industrial mediums such as water, oil, highly viscous liquid, hazardous chemicals, processing gas and many other industrial applications. An immersion heater can also operate in different environments with […]

    Wattco Executive Offers Expert Testimony for Federal Government

    Ilan Toledano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WATTCO, testified on behalf of the Minister of Justice for the Government of Canada in the matter of an appeal between Proctor Silex Canada (Appellant) and The President of the Canada Border Services Agency On December 13 2012. Immersion heaters were discussed in detailed whereby Mr. […]

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